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Anonymous: should I get white/black striped superstars or stan smiths?

mmmm it depends what you wanna go for,

Stan Smith are for me more novelty, more ‘special’. You gotta keep them super clean and fresh you gotta show off you got this cool classic re-release etc.

Superstars are classic as well, but in a more timeless sense. You wear them with anything, they can get beat up and still look dope as fuck and obviously you got loads of variations to choose from.

Stan Smith’s silhouette is also slightly slimmer and longer than the chunkier wider Superstars..

Personally I’d get Superstars. I just appreciate and know their legacy more; Run DMC.. as opposed to Stan Smith, who’s an old tennis player. (If I’m gonna tribute a tennis player imma tribute Andre Agassi with the Nike Air Tech’s you know? but that’s irrelevant)

Anonymous: nike or adidas?